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Go all in for the Highlander10!
1 day. 9 hours. 10 minutes.


In honor of Radford University’s founding in 1910, the Highlander10 Challenge will host 10 student-centered causes for 1 day, 9 hours and 10 minutes in a competition to see which will garner the most supporters for Radford University students.  The fundraising project with the most donors at the conclusion of the challenge will receive an additional $1,000 to support its cause. 

During this limited time, find and support the cause you are most passionate about from the projects below, and help them get some extra money just by donating today!

Your gift makes a difference and when combined with others from the Radford Family, they will create a powerful impact by supplying vital funding to causes on Radford's campuses that make our students feel supported and included; and help them build and maintain their own communities to become the best versions of themselves.

TOGETHER we can weave a fabric of support and belonging that bolsters generations of Highlanders.

UPDATE 3: Push to $19,100!
Nov 30, 2022

Help the Highander10 Challenge reach $19,100 by 5:10 pm TODAY!

You can be a part of making a huge impact that empowers our dedicated faculty and staff who champion each of the projects represented below to make the students in their respective areas feel supported and included with your gift today!

Not sure what to contribute? Make your participation gift of $19.10 and join your Radford Family to do something great for our students in these last few hours.

UPDATE 2: Help our projects get to $1,910!
Nov 30, 2022

With only a few hours left in the Highlander10 Challenge, we need your help to push each of the projects hosted on this page to $1,910! 

CONGRATULATIONS to ESports Program for blowing past the mark! 

Several of our other projects are just under the mark. Help them finish strong by donating TODAY!

They can do it with your help. TOGETHER we can help students feel supported and included.

Most Donors Challenge
The project that garners the most donors by 5:10 pm on November 30 will receive an extra $1,000!
Rank Prize Projects Donors
1 $1,000 Esports Program 164
2 Student Emergency Support 43
3 Radford University Libraries 35
4 Tartan Tails - Dog Therapy 32
5 Radford Collegiate Recovery Community 26
Dollars Leaderboard
Watch here to see which project raises the most money!
Rank Projects Raised
1 Esports Program $5,045.00
2 Student Emergency Support $2,846.40
3 Radford University Libraries $2,579.02
4 Tartan Tails - Dog Therapy $1,965.10
5 Career Readiness Support $1,555.00
Turn the states blue with your gifts!
Rank State Gifts
1 VA 237
2 OH 29
3 NC 11
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