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Empower Civic-minded Highlanders
Help us inspire and empower the next generation of civically aware and involved citizens!

Citizen Leaders are active participants – rather than passive observers - in the world around them.  They recognize their own power and ability to influence positive change for other citizens; and they accept the responsibility to take action and be an active part of bringing about that change. We encourage our Highlanders to be well-rounded citizens who take an active interest in their communities by providing them the tools and opportunities to excel via the Citizen Leader distinction program at Radford University.


"Wicked Problems" competition - students research and propose solutions to difficult world problems.

The Citizen Leader program's purpose is to inspire and empower our students who are prospective citizen leaders and have an active interest in utilizing their education and personal skills to improve the world they live in.  Our program offers specialized coursework, support for classroom needs, student projects outside the classroom, as well as co-curricular activities that foster leadership development and civic awareness.  Our students graduate with the Citizen Leader distinction on their diploma after completing coursework, service, event attendance, immersive projects and a summative signature work.

Arctic Geophysics Research Expedition - students research the global or geographic impacts of various catalysts.

We need the help of our Radford Family to support these efforts! We need your help to assist our students by providing them the opportunity to engage in an authentic, inclusive, and individualized educational experience that will help them find success as a civically active and aware leader while attending Radford University and beyond graduation.

Our aim is to continue our financial support for students and faculty engaging in Citizen Leader activities during these challenging financial times.

Your donation will support initiatives like those listed below and many more:

  • Travel
    1. Study abroad trips led by faculty - like the Arctic Geophysics Research Expedition
    2. Travel to conferences – such as the student trip to represent Radford at the Model UN conference.
    3. Travel on civic-minded learning expeditions not directly linked to a Citizen Leader designated course that align with students' professional and community-influencing goals.
  • Materials that will help our faculty enhance their Citizen Leader designated courses
  • Guest speakers for Citizen Leader courses
  • Fresh Fruit Program

Fresh Fruit Program - students provide fruit and snacks to lessen the impact of food insecurity on campus.

Help us prepare and empower our Highlanders to succeed as civically active and engaged leaders in their workplace and their communities by donating today!

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