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Tartan Tails - Dog Therapy
Support the training of our furry heroes!

Student well-being is essential but it can be challenged by the rigors that come along with being a college student. It can also be encumbered by the ever-evolving nuances, stressful additions and at times devastating separations that accompany everyday life. Whether it’s being homesick, always feeling pushed to the next deadline, or dealing with separation from a pet back home, support services are becoming increasingly vital on campuses to ensure students can thrive in their educational lives. It has been proven that even the smallest - and sometimes the furriest - adjustments in wellness efforts can have lasting positive impacts.

With this in mind, President Bret Danilowicz and his wife Kay passionately believe in the positive effects of making trained therapy dogs accessible to students on Radford University’s campuses. Studies show that students that interact with therapy dogs experience stress relief benefits that can last for weeks. These interactions helped sharpen the cognitive skills of stressed college students weeks after the experience - even more so than other stress management options offered on campuses.

Therapy dogs can help students achieve a stronger sense of belonging and help lessen anxiety. As such, Kay Danilowicz - with the help of her dog Bainne (pronounced BON-ya) - is taking the lead on building and supporting a team of Highlander therapy dogs – aptly named Tartan Tails - to enhance the wellness of our Radford Family. During this initiative she will invite interested members of campus to have their dogs trained as therapy dogs. You can help champion this cause by contributing to support the training of these furry heroes!

Please consider giving today to offset the costs of training and other expenses that are essential to establishing and maintaining the Tartan Tails program.

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