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Radford University Libraries
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The Radford University Libraries support our faculty and students’ teaching, learning and research. We envision our libraries as a responsive system of support and a student success hub for each of our campuses. To maintain this standing, it is imperative for our libraries to keep pace with the dynamic and innovative technologies that help our students and faculty learn, teach and conduct research of all kinds. 

It is also essential for our libraries to be responsive to student and faculty needs such as resources for coursework, licenses to support up-to-date learning tools, cutting edge medical tools, online simulation activities, resources to support every major on our campuses, as well as study spaces that accommodate each student's unique study needs. Financial support will position our libraries as vital destinations for our students to maximize their learning experiences at each of Radford University's campuses. 

We also aim for the Library to be a warm and welcoming space. We offer students a place to simply be. Our libraries often serve as a home base for students as they study, meet with friends, and prepare for their coming days. One unique aspect of our main campus Library has been a space where donated personal care and household goods items have been made available for students to discreetly access. One goal we have is to further expand that space in McConnell and make a similar space available to our RUC student patrons.  

With this in mind, we appreciate the support of benefactors who understand how important a world-class library is to the success of our students. 

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4 Tartan Tails - Dog Therapy $1,965.10
5 Career Readiness Support $1,555.00
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