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The Honors College
Invest in students who are passionately investing in their futures!

Honors at Radford University is a competitive academic program and vibrant community defined by our students’ intellectual curiosity and active engagement in the educational process. Our students benefit from smaller class sizes, direct faculty mentorship, individualized projects, networking opportunities and opportunities to showcase their work.  

The Highlander Honors College Fund allows us to alleviate some of the expenses our students incur while completing individualized research projects and enriching their academic experience with extra-curricular educational activities. This fund allows us to empower our outstanding students to excel with activities such as conducting innovative research, presenting their scholarly work at honors conferences, or even traveling with the Radford Amazonian Research Expedition. Engaging with faculty on these projects is incredibly meaningful and has allowed some of our talented students to win "Scholar of the Year" and "Emerging Scholar of the Year" of the Virginias Collegiate Honors Council.   Please consider investing in our phenomenal students who are passionately and actively investing in their own education as honors students at Radford University.


Students on the Radford Amazonian Research Expedition (RARE)


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