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Radford Collegiate Recovery Community

Help students in recovery find hope and success at Radford University.

For many students, two of the most outstanding characteristics of higher education are its newfound independence and unique challenges.  For some, exposure to these challenges and/or their freshly established autonomy – often combined with other predispositions – triggers a chain-reaction that leads them down a path to addiction. It has been found that a strong combatant of addiction is connection. It is vital for people in recovery – especially early recovery – to find a welcoming community of support and an environment of hope.

The Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) at Radford University provides a welcoming environment for students in, or seeking recovery from substance misuse. We support our students as they take the daunting first steps toward a very important change in the trajectory of their lives.  We endeavor to provide an immersive community experience for our students with recovery-based activities like taking them on community-building trips, providing a gathering space to encourage their connection, offering them unique alternative spring break options and celebrating their achievements with graduation ceremonies.

The Collegiate Recovery Community Lounge allows our students to connect with each other in a relaxing setting.

We need your help to support these and similar highly-impactful activities. Currently, we partner with other institutions to offset costs but our goal is to become more independent in providing these opportunities. In addition, we aspire to make these and many other recovery resources available to our students without placing the financial burden on them - as many of them already experience financial strain. The whole Highlander community benefits when we make recovery accessible and attainable for our students.

Please consider donating today to help students in recovery find hope and success at Radford University. 



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