RUC Student Emergency Fund
RUC Student Emergency Fund

You can help RUC students stay in school! 

College students face a lot of daily challenges on their path to graduation, on some occasions additional, unexpected and extreme financial hardships threaten to derail their journey. It is for this reason Radford University Carilion established the RUC Student Emergency Fund.

With the support of generous donors like you, this fund will provide financial support to students who need assistance with emergency expenses. The goal of this fund is to help students remain enrolled and continue on their path to graduation. When you support this fund, you assist RUC students with critical items such as travel to clinicals, travel expenses due to a sudden crisis or death of a family member, required clinical and program assessments, unexpected medical expenses, and unforeseen financial challenges that limit their ability to pay for food or housing. Please make a gift to the RUC Student Emergency Fund today and help to alleviate these barriers to success for our future HealthCare Heroes.  

Please make your gift today to empower our talented and hard-working students to help them stay on their path to graduation.

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ALL-IN Donor Challenge - $1,000
The project that brings in the largest number of donors during the Highlander10 Challenge will receive an ADDITIONAL $1,000 generously offered by the Radford University Foundation!
Rank Prize Project Donors
1 $1,000 Esports Program 123
2 CHBS Student Travel and Research Support (STARS) 47
3 Davis College of Business and Economics 27
4 CEHD Student Emergency Fund 25
5 Radford Collegiate Recovery Community 23
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