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Sports Club Council
Sports Club Council

For many students, their Club Sport provides a home away from home, a close-knit community with a shared passion for sports, friendship, and competition. We’re raising funds to enhance the Club Sports experience at Radford University. From new equipment, updated uniforms, tournament registrations, and travel expenses, a gift to support the Sports Club Council will make an immediate impact on today’s students.

Your donation supports the sustaining and growth of the following club sports at Radford University:

  • Competitive Cheer
  • Lacrosse (Mens)
  • Lacrosse (Womens)
  • Redcoats
  • Rugby
  • Skeet and Trap
  • Soccer (Womens)
  • Soccer (Mens)
  • Swim
  • Tennis
  • Ultimate Frisbee 
  • Volleyball (Womens)
  • Volleyball (Mens)
  • Fishing

Please consider a gift today to help our club sports teams reach their potential and continue to foster community.

Dollars Raised Leaderboard
Follow along here to see which project will raise the most dollars!
Rank Project Raised
1 Esports Program $12,491.00
2 CHBS Student Travel and Research Support (STARS) $7,460.00
3 CEHD Student Emergency Fund $3,615.00
4 Radford Fund $2,845.00
5 Davis College of Business and Economics $2,790.00
ALL-IN Donor Challenge - $1,000
The project that brings in the largest number of donors during the Highlander10 Challenge will receive an ADDITIONAL $1,000 generously offered by the Radford University Foundation!
Rank Prize Project Donors
1 $1,000 Esports Program 205
2 CHBS Student Travel and Research Support (STARS) 55
3 Davis College of Business and Economics 36
4 CEHD Student Emergency Fund 34
5 Radford Collegiate Recovery Community 30
The 1910 Challenge - $500
Congratulations to CHBS STARS for being the first project to raise $1,910 and secure the ADDITIONAL $500!
Rank Prize Project Raised
1 $500 CHBS Student Travel and Research Support (STARS) $2,000.00
2 CEHD Student Emergency Fund $550.00
3 Radford Collegiate Recovery Community $500.00
4 Tartan Tails - Dog Therapy $460.00
5 Radford University Libraries $325.00
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