Clinical Simulation Center
Clinical Simulation Center

Our Clinical Simulation Centers provide simulated, realistic healthcare environments for students and educators of the New River and Roanoke Valleys. The integration of innovation and evidence-based practice and state of the art technologies provide active learning experiences that help produce quality healthcare professionals. Our centers offer advanced simulators, standardized patients, haptic devices, and authentic medical equipment and supplies that can be implemented into various learning experiences allowing the Clinical Simulation Center to fulfil its vision.

Each center has specific areas that represent both acute and primary healthcare settings to include: emergency and med/surg, birthing suites, pediatric rooms, clinic rooms, and a home-health fully-furnished apartment.  Each center has a sophisticated digital audio-visual system. This system allows live or recorded video to be delivered to individuals, classrooms, and between sites.

Our mission

Our program is committed to:

  • Delivering a simulation environment that is safe and realistic.
  • Integrating innovation and evidence based practice into simulation teaching strategies.
  • Incorporating state-of the art technologies in clinical education.
  • Promoting inter-professional education.
  • Providing active learning experiences that foster student reflection and self-discovery.
  • Producing quality healthcare professionals with enhanced critical thinking abilities, communication and teamwork skills and clinical competence.


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