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Esports Program
ESports Program

Empower students to create community and learning opportunities around their passion!

Esports is a growing industry jam-packed with powerful opportunities for college students to connect, thrive and excel through exposure to the many facets of this rapidly-growing ecosystem. As part of its future-minded goals, and through the establishment of its on-campus Esports Center, Radford University has demonstrated its commitment to give students the opportunity to benefit from the technology, learning prospects, career opportunities, and social aspects that make up this dynamic world.  

The Esports Center at Radford University is the hub of social, competitive and academic activities that inspire our students to connect with others. It provides them a sense of belonging, and encourages their growth in many important professional areas. Students that participate in the Esports program develop valuable professional skills sought after by many industries – such as coaching, broadcasting, event and organizational management, media creation, brand development and strategic marketing.

President Bret Danilowicz and members of the Esports team.

Operated by student staff, the Esports Center engages more than 100 users a day. These users range from casual gamers, Radford Esports team players, Esports Club members or students who need high performance equipment to get schoolwork done. While in the facility, our students are guided by the Person-Student-Player (PSP) Code of Conduct that focuses first on each student-player’s mental, physical, and social health. The model then seeks to ensure the users' academic needs are met by tracking grades and connecting them with the resources necessary to be successful in their studies. Finally, after the players are healthy and in good academic standing, they join the fray as competitors who represent the exemplary values we hold as Highlanders. The Esports Center is proud to report that the average GPA of its student employees is a 3.2. The average varsity member GPA is 3.1 and Esports Club average GPA is a 2.8.

In addition to the creation of the Esports Center, Radford University has developed a minor in Esports Services to allow students to augment their education with tools that can set them apart in this new industry. The Center hosted multiple class projects, internships, and research initiatives in its first semester.

The continual development of the Radford Esports program is made possible through the support of our community. By donating to the Radford University Esports Program, you can ensure our students have the opportunity to explore their passion for the future of competition, academics and the entertainment industry.

Contributions to the Esports Center Fund allow for growth and development of the program in the follow areas:

  • Education - Procurement of educational platforms where students can learn from professional tutorials to reduce the barrier of entry to gaming.
  • Travel - From our student employees’ professional development, to competitions, to conferences and combines, there are endless travel opportunities that will benefit our students' experiences. 
  • Facilities - The Esports Center is growing in popularity. As we consider the future of our facility, and the growing attention brought to this space, it is critical that we are able to respond quickly to a rapidly evolving industry.
  • Equipment - The exciting technologies of media creation, virtual reality and simulations are excellent opportunities to enhance the Esports Center and expand its potential.  With this in mind, there is a need to continue to grow access to the equipment needed to support this growth.  
  • Special Projects - There have been a host of opportunities for collaboration between the Esports program and student clubs and academic programs. Additional funds will help us keep pace with the swift development within the Esports arena.

By donating to the Esports Center Fund, you are contributing to building a sustainable model for Esports, where students can continue to grow and flourish in an industry they are passionate about while developing vital professional skills. Please consider donating today.

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